DEP Bans Spraying Dirt Roads In Warren County With Fracking Waste Water

The state Department of Environmental Protection has telented it erred in allowing the spreading of millions of gallons of salty “brine” wastewater from gas and oil well drilling on dirt roads in Pennsylvania last year

And that could mean that rural roads in the commonwealth will be a lot more dusty this summer and icier in the winter. At least 188 municipalities in 22 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties use free or low-cost drilling brine for road dust suppression and de-icing.

The DEP’s admission was made in a state Environmental Hearing Board case appealing the department’s 2017 approval of the rural township’s plan to control dust.

The appeal, filed by Farmington resident Siri Lawson, contended that spreading the drilling wastewater on dirt roads pollutes the air and water along the 44 miles of township dirt roads where Amish families walk and ride in open buggies in Warren County in the town of Farmington was moot however based on a report issued.

According to the 10-page EHB decision issued May 17, the appeal was adjudged “moot” because the township’s annual contract with Hydro Transport LLC to spread the wastewater ended in December.

while some in Harrisburg want to now create legislation to ban this, The DEP decision is the important part until then.

when wells are fracked water is injected to break up the shell and then removed to recover the oil. The recovery leaves thousands of gallons of waste water per well that needs disposed of but few options have been found which are favorable to most.

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