UMWA President Stumps For Democratic Candidate Conner Lamb In Wrong Headed Move

Cecil Roberts (born October 31, 1946) is a miner and president of the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA).[1] He is also a vice president of the AFL-CIO, and sits on the AFL-CIO’s executive council.

Afters of anti labor moved on the part of the Onama administration that recently turned a corner under President Trump Cecil Roberts latest speech at the Greene county fair grounds in support of Conner Lamb defies logic as the Democrats and their obscure EPA rules and love of renewable energy dourced defied logic.

Conner Lamb who is funded by heavy handed Democrats who are extremely liberal yet claims otherwise in a heavily Tepublican district has nothing to say that any industry union members should embrace.

This is another case of union officials looking for lip service over real world policy that will bring back higher paying jobs.


Under the republican leadership jobs grew at a record rate, wages grew, the minding industry is starting a long recovery, the energy industry is moving back to oil and coal from nuclear energy and regulatory conyr has eased.

And yet Cecil Roberts, a Richard Trumpka clone is endorsing the Democrats over the Republican candidate who would of been a bigger help to the working man in advance Of Tuesday’s special election that is a key indicator of the upcoming mid term elections.

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