Alice Cooper Still Going Strong After All These Years

Alice is now a Great Grand Father, teaches Sunday school, owns a restaurant and sometimes even still tours, and on this day in 1990 he played The now gone but not forgotten Syria Mosque.

Alic e  coopers first perf ormance in PIttsburgh was at the Electric Theatre .

On July 11, 1972 he played a Pat DiCesare Productions concert at Three Rivers Stadium with Humble Pie (with Peter Frampton) and Uriah Heap.

The show was originally scheduled at Three Rivers on June 23, but the Stadium was flooded due to a rain storm according to Rock Historian Pat DeCesare,one of America’s top promoters and favorite Pittsburgh Son. Pats book A Hard Days Night, details stories like this and many more and is available at local bookstores, Barns and Nobel’s and on Amazon.

Pat DiCesare commented:

“Alice Cooper (aka Vincent Furnier) and I got stuck together in his Hilton Hotel room in downtown Pittsburgh during a flood on a summer day back in 1972. I had him performing at Three Rivers Stadium that night. Our conversation fell far from what you would think considering his stage persona at that time. He was a really down to earth guy. We mostly discussed the stock market and the political times. I quite enjoyed him. Eventually he did play a very successful show, breaking the attendance record for a rock concert in Pittsburgh set earlier that summer by my Three Dog Night show at Three Rivers.”

But Alice Cooper is a very busy man these days. He seems to be constantly on tour, he has a new album, Paranormal, which was released in July and he also has a syndicated radio show. He is a very active family and church member as well as a charity organizer. Alice is an open book and Star News was very fortunate to catch up with Cooper for an interview while on tour.

commenting on his life and history ALice said, I’ve been doing this for so long, since I was 15 years old. On the Nightmare tour, we were on tour for two and a half years. People would ask, “where do you live?” I would say, “I don’t live anywhere.” We were totally the “circus.” When my wife joined the Nightmare show, she was 18 years old. She is still in the show. She told her parents, “I’m going to join the circus.”

We asked Alice how he has time to do his radio show everyday?

I do that every day. I tape the show wherever I am at on the road using Pro Tools. My show goes as far away as Istanbul, London, Perth, Australia, all over the world. I have to make sure it is taped 10 days in advance. We can do the show from a hotel room, from the tour bus, from backstage, anywhere. It is a five-hour show, but I can tape it in one hour. What happens is they give me a free reign on the show. I can play pretty much what I want. I’ve got all the backstage stories that nobody else has. Everybody likes to hear all those stories.

We asked Alice to sum up for us the kind of things he never gets asked or that don’t get the media’s attention.

I think the dichotomy of Alice is really interesting. The fact that I go to church on Sunday, I play golf, I have been married for 41 years and I have never cheated on my wife. I’m a great dad and a great granddad. Opposed to this character who is a full out villain. It’s really interesting that I can click in and out of that character. I think I would ask Alice if he is ever tempted to be the other character, to be the normal everyday guy. The thing that is interesting to me is that 22 hours of the day, I am the normal guy. At night I get to play this villain. It’s really fun to play that character. The same is true with my wife. My wife teaches bible study. She is a ballerina and she teaches ballet and jazz. At night she plays this incredibly demented nurse, a “day of the dead nurse.” She also plays this rag doll that comes out of a windup box. She always says that it is great to play somebody you are nothing like. I would ask Alice if he ever wanted to switch places with me. And I think he would say absolutely not. I play this mythological rock star that doesn’t really exist. But he does exist for those two hours on stage. The audience has become endeared to this villain, kind of like Captain Hook. Peter Pan is kind of ho-hum compared to Captain Hook.

For his part in this Pat DeCesare said that working with Cooper has been a long and wonderful experience and the two got together at Stage AE last time Alice was in town.

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