its safe to say a pie shop is a delight to the senses with the aroma of fresh baked items from the oven to dine in or eat st home.

But Chris Hamilton knows man can’t live by Pie alone, although a gallon of milk and a chocolate pie and I’m in.

Twin Pies in Erie Street In Linesville is just one of a few new businesses revamping the once empty downtown for locals and tourists alike.

The cute little shop, quaint perhaps, also offers Latte and Rxpresso, Soups and Chili and sandwiches for its visitors and is working on creating a new line of Breakfast Pies that are an old world favorite found a n England and Ireland and the Scottish isles.

And based on what I’m hearing will be s unique America favorite soon.

The soups are fresh and hand made as is the school, something most restaurants claim but inevitably lie about.

I hate to be a cut out phrase make but you really can taste the love!

Its an enchanting shop that the world needs more of, it’s also a great destination if your looking to take a drive, watch ducks walk on fish , check out a brew pub on the way or winery or grab a order to go and sit by the lake.

This is really a must go destination.





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