Spectrum Digital Box Switchover Critical To Continued Viewing

February 28 is  for a lot of Spectrum cable customers in Mercer Countyn the death of non cable box viewership. Their TV screens will go black (or blue) and they won’t be able to  watch any shows.

Welcome to the great digital box switch-over.

Spectrum, formerly Time Warner Cable, is upgrading its cable system. Customers can no longer plug their cable directly into their TVs. They need a digital converter box. Others, who already had a DVR or digital box, now need to add additional boxes for each TV in their home. In some locations, all of the channel numbers have changed as well.

“There has been a lot of frustration, outrage and confusion,” said Jim Birt of Copley, a Time Warner/Spectrum customer for 20 years. “A lot of my neighbors have been sharing their thoughts on the community forum, Nextdoor [http://www.nextdoor.com]. The feeling is, it’s one more way for Spectrum to get money out of us.”

Although Spectrum had sent out notices and aired commercials about the change, many customers were not prepared in many areas that made the switch.

Spectrum has alerted customers to what steps are needed to obtain the box and the new tiers of channels they will have.

if you don’t contact Spectrum for your digital box, you can expect a service disruption in a few weeks.


News Reporter