Melanie Trump Joins The Pissed Wife’s Club

with President Trumps lawyer admitting that the President paid $130,000 dollars of his own money to buy the solace of a porn Star he visited with in his hotel room while married to the First Lady and a second poem actress has stepped forward to say she too had relations with the now President, Melanie Trump finds her self in the same club as Hillary Clinton did as woman after woman stepped forward accusing her husband Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct.

unlike Bill Clinton who lied and went thru partial impeachment Donald Trump has been forthcoming about his exploits and was caught on tape by Billy Bush on an open mic talking about grabbing woman by the vagina and forcibly kissing them.

While Melania has been seen at events as was Hillary who stood by her man, both are noticeably absent from public view, travel without their spouse and body language shows a cooling in feelings between the couples.

Melania is President Trumps third wife.

News Reporter