How To Run For Greenville Home Rule Charter Planning Board

Thinking of running for Greenville’s Home Rule Study Commission or other Mercer County public office?

Application Packets are now available for candidates looking to run for Greenville’s Home Rule Study Commission, as well as other posts in the May 15 primary.

Mercer county elections Director Jeff Greenburg said today candidates can pick up the petition packets at the elections office of the courthouse from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays, but candidates can’t start collecting the signatures they’ll need to get on the ballot until Tuesday.Candidates will also need to pay a filing fee upon completion and under state law fill out a financial disclosure.

Candidates will have until March 6 to file their petitions.

On the primary ballot, voters in Greenville will decided if they want to form a committee to study home rule, as well as pick the seven candidates to vote aft the plan should it be approved.

Also running will be State Senate for PA and The US

Governor of the state and Lt. Governor.

And Our State Congressional offices 7th and 8th Districts.

Clerk and Precinct committee members as well as state committee candidates.

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