Ash Wednesday falls on Valentine’s Day, but meat ban still in effect, Catholics told

With Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day falling on the same day this year, leaders in the Mercer area’s Roman Catholic Church are offering some guidance: Solemnly mark the start of Lent, a day the faithful are asked to abstain from meat and to fast, on Wednesday. Celebrate love over a steak dinner and candles another day God is more important than your sex life.

“It’s (Wednesday) a perfect day to celebrate the love the Lord has for us and that we have for him, which is the grandest Valentine’s Day for all,” said Penny Wiegert, director of communications for the Catholic Diocese of Rockford near Chicago.

Ash Wednesday, the start of the 40-day Lenten season leading up to Easter, falls on Feb. 14 — Valentine’s Day — this year. On Ash Wednesday and each Friday during Lent, Catholics are traditionally forbidden from eating meat.

To avoid any potential conflict, Catholic leaders across the region are suggesting members of their flock celebrate Valentine’s the day before or during the weekend.

Lent also marks the official start of the Friday Fish Fry a favor putting for not just catholic worshippers who enjoy the fellowship the fun raiders bring.

In Greenville the Tradition will continue and is a fund raiser for St. Michaels youth group who use the funds to do mission work and local good works.

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