Allen Media Continues To Grow With New Site Launches

Allen Total Media has for years been involved in the publication of a number of online and terrestrial news products to include the Horse Trader, The Bulletin Board, The Mercer Star News, The West Virginia Star News , The Anchorage News and  now the DC Star News which is a rebirth in digital form of a shuttered newspaper that once was Washington D C biggest news paper.

Allen Total Media has also quietly launched Philly Star News to add to its offerings in Pennsylvania.


Allen Total Media has more than 150,000 reader fans across four Facebook news sites and one hub web news site that has more than 10 million monthly views and more than 258,000, unique monthly readers.

Allen Total Media also runs its own server farm and hosts web sites and  also creates media advertising for its clients.

Allen Total Media’s President A William Allen said that success is possible because we both consolidate and create original content shared between sites with no terrestrial legacy costs that weigh down other large operations and remote work by contracted staffers accounts for the bulk of article production and programming.

Allen Total Media derives revenue via Affiliate advertising and tends to shy away from the cost and labor intensive local mom and pop advertising relied upon by most paper and ink publications. Under this model ATM has seen its revenue increase year over year as growing user based add traffic that increases the return per user earned.

While buyout offers had been entertained currently ATM remains wholly owned by the Allen family. Estimates of the intrinsic fair value top 3.1 million dollars for the assets but A William Allen says he is skeptical of those numbers and figures it only worth what someone is truly willing to pay.

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