UPMC Savings Breeding Anger Among Workers

We all know any hospital stay is not fun. We dread it, but when a hospital stay isn’t avoidable having friendly faces to assist you and help is important.

UPMC once the model of advances and customer care has started to quickly become a cesspool of latent anger, over worked staff and cost savings that affect client satisfaction.

It’s obvious an efficiency expert was involved in many of the lame brain ideas I expected as a patient in recent weeks.

First and most noticeable are the workers frequently joking about their employers lack of good pay. As a patient I don’t need to know that but likewise it explains the staffs overall lack of attention to detail.

I experienced on a daily basis a failure to Change my dressings without repeated frequent prodding and missed windows for my Insulin shots and prescription dispensi times. More patients and fewer nurses seems to be the issue.

The nurse aids who take vital signs are now also tasked with taking blood samples and badly I might add. But these people are the ones who do everything from get your pillow to fluff and talk to you during a long lonely day  are now doing more tasks as part of their job which detracts from the crucial roll they play in just making the patient more comfortable.

In the rush to stretch services thinner in the Pittsburgh locations Rooms go uncleaned, infectious waste bags don’t get removed and in my 4 days in the current Pittsburgh location my room was cleaned once. While I know they do  sanitize between patients, having the food tray changed or bed linen changed would be nice.

oddly a young vouleteer comes in and inspects the room having no idea what to look for during the height of a Flu Epidemic which makes news sense at all to me.

Locally in Greenville, most ER doctors drive in and work 24 hours. Often tired and over worked they tend to look for ways to not treat you rather than take the time, although exceptions exist, most of my visits to Greenville UPMC result in more urgent care in a bigger hospital after Greenville indertreats or fails to treat my condition properly, repeatedly.

Greenville for better or worse will soon be Teduced to an ER, testing facilities and Doctors Officed with many fewer rooms to hold patients, the bulk of serious cases shipped out to larger facilities.

Its as if, like a dog in a kill shelter, the UPMC Greenville staff just waits for the facility to make the final planned changes and the ax will fall.

In Erie where Hamot Hospital is now a UPMC facility, the staff, underpaid and over worked, and angry at UPMC for saying they don’t have workers in recent years as a way to fight claims the money making machine isn’t a charity at all, the workers are in fact quite real and quit pissed in some cases because they took pay cuts.

Having been to Hamot more than 20 times in 5 years the overall care I personally get is in sharp decline.

In an age of tax cuts and workers bonus programs UPMC not only didn’t give workers bonuses but in some case charge them for parking in the parking garage when they work in the cities where parking is scares.

UPMC in its rush to build build build needs to work on keeping happy workers because patients don’t need angry lazy people attending to them.

And as the unemployment number lowers workers will leave, new workers will not be found easily and more foreigners in the form of immigrants will be needed to work the more menial labor jobs.

In my last 4 days in Pittsburgh I have encountered staff from Napa, Nigeria, Bolivia and Japan.

As To creature comforts,  with a daily room rate higher than $6000 dollars in my case,’the quality and food portions is also shrinking as is the hours one can access food while visiting a loved one.

As a chef I recognize that the items that compromise meal make up are also the lowest of low quality ingredients.

When Patients have only meals and a discharge to look forward to, quality of good takes on more important status and UPMC fails to grasp  this in any facility I go to.

UPMC has also instituted a hospitalist policy  where a herd of sub par doctors who know nothing about you wonder in randomly and frequently know much more than your name as they pretend to help you, this UPMCcwill be your deathnail as no patient I spoke with past or present had a favorable or good experience.

UPMC like all industry giants has gotten to big to be good at what they do much longer without patient backlash or a closer look by   the government, which could be more a blessing than a curse.


News Reporter