Dear Media Don’t Let Freedoms Light Go Out

BIAS ALERT: Talking heads on both CNN and MSNBC, as well as editorial boards from The New York Times and Washington Post have all come out against the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence memo that potentially reveals the FBI abused spying authorities and paints government officials as anti-Trump.

Ironically, the mainstream media wants to keep the memo private even as Steven Spielberg’s “The Post,” a story about the Washington Post’s fight to release the Pentagon Papers, is playing in theaters across the nation.

The nations guardians of the truth have opted to shirk their responsibility to the nation and help hide the shadow government to make a sitting president under attack from within look bad rather than ask why a President (obama) and a candidate for president ( Hillary Clinton) an Attorney General and her FBI conspired to rig an election against an opposition candidate to further the wealth of a former President and his foundation.

This is the very definition of an
Enemy of the state. This isn’t about Democrats and Republicans, about Trump or Clinton, this is about an attempt to overthrow a government from within.

It is now the media is needed most.

It is not the media’s job to side with anyone, rather to side with truth, light and fact.

If the media fails us now our darkest hour is upon us, were lost as a nation, were lost to history, what others fought for on beaches, in the air and at sea is all for nothing😩

It’s not about orange hair or pink

hats, or anything else but Americans and OUR country, if the media fails we all fail.

We must find the truth and expose the corrupt.



News Reporter