Canadian Prognosticator Bites Handler Then Sees His Shadow

– One groundhog in Canada is predicting the area will not experience six more weeks of winter.

Before he finished with his big day on Tuesday, he decided one reporter would get six seconds of pain.

out of his hole, made his prediction called for an early spring. The crowds cheered then dissipated, went back to their cars and drove home.

The media was invited in to get some closeup shots of Shubenacadie Sam.

“I happened to be filming on my phone when Sam tried to make an escape, and I tried to stop him,” reporter Brett Ruskin said.

The groundhog bit Ruskin on his thumb.

“I was bleeding for a little while. I was bleeding on my phone,” he said.

Overall, though, the groundhog didn’t escape the enclosure.

Sam’s prediction came in contrast with Wiarton Willie’s prediction, who called for six more weeks of winter. He saw his shadow; he went back into his hole.

As for Shubenacadie Sam, he didn’t see his shadow. He’s calling for an early spring, essentially taking a bite out of winter.

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