Panera Try’s To Pull A Fast One On Consumers

Order a breakfast sandwich at virtually any fast-food restaurant, and the components are the same: some kind of bread, some kind of meat, and a pliable hockey puck of “egg.”

But if bakery chain Panera gets its way, restaurants won’t be able to call those yellow patties “eggs” in the future. Last week, the company petitioned the Food and Drug Administration to update its 40-year-old definition of the word to exclude most of the processed egg products that have become popular with fast-food chains and food-service.


But it has the chain gone to far. It’s a well known fact that the Clean Food slogan of every ZPaneta store is unadulterated bull shit no holes barred. All restaurants use food that is inspected and generally real, giving Panama bread no true advantage. While Panama bakes. Read fresh not all of it is from scratch in store. as most bakery chains proof and bake product in store.

The fact is Chsins like McDonald’s and others use real eggs just as Panera does. The fact also remains that today’s eggs are real although delivered pre formed and frozen.


basically the only additive is citric acid or lemon juice which prolongs product safety longer in things like bagged scrambled eggs where the bag is boiled in a hospital or restaurant setting for safety.

The bottom line, another publicity stunt by Panera to offset declining customer traffic as the chains move to eat healthy is dying to the dollar menu swill of its competitors.

News Reporter