Mercer Sheriff Warns Of Scam

Scammers don’t care; they just want your money says the Mercer County Shefiff.

Scammers are out to defraud ordinary people of the money that, in many cases, has taken them a lifetime to accumulate, and the scams are becoming more sophisticated, often spoofing phone numbers to make their scams seem legitimate an article in theRecord Argus said today.

Mercer County Sheriff Gary Hartman is said a scam spoofing his office has been ongoing.

“They made it believable,” he said. “ in a stat meant issued. “They had my name or a deputy’s name and just enough information to be believed.”

Just last week, Hartman released a statement about a scam involving individuals claiming to be from his office, suggesting that you have missed jury duty, for example, Hartman said.

“They will ask you to go to a Rite Aid kiosk, and pay a fine up to a few thousand dollars,” he said.

if you are in fact charged with a crime you will get a notice of the charge and go before a judge first according to your right to due process. No one will call and you won’t pay anyone but a local magistrate court.

Fining you by phone and sending money orders Is not how a missed jury duty summons is handled in Mercer County, Hartman said, adding that the jury duty scam is occurring all over Pennsylvania.

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