NFL Fails To Grow A Set Today

the overlords of Sunday, The NFL who for years and years abused players and oppressed them for millions in cash has failed to take a stand and enforce their own rules.

Held hostage to a bunch of robot players who take a knee insulting the viewers as ratings and sponsors walk away.

The NFL met and said today it would like to players to stand yet continue to look the other way as they offend Americans both living and dead.

For a Brand built on American values and who took and charged our government to fake Payriotic acts on the field and above it, this move by these players is nothing short of pathetic.

Skipping the obvious Yrump Tweets,which are equally pathetic the fact remains standing up for your country and anthem is the right thing to do.


Protesting in this manner does more harm than good and has no affect on shining light on what they are mad about. In fact, their point has gotten less than 5% oftbr coverage,taking a knee the other 96% with no real mention of why.

In the end the NFL failed to do the right thing again.

News Reporter