America Needs Big Thinking Again

When Mike Pence said; Under President Donald J. Trump, we will restore our proud legacy of leadership on this next, great frontier and America will lead in space once again. And to guide this new era of American space leadership, President Trump relaunched the National Space Council – and it was my great honor to serve as its chair at the first meeting in nearly a quarter-century. #NextFrontier

America took a step back toward greatness.

America used to dream big, and from it came computers, transistors, ceramic heat technology, encryption, Valero, radiated food, better avionics, medicine innovation, international cooperation by space agencies, phsycal conditioning advances, 3D technology, and much more.

The race to space was a matter of national pride,


we we used to stand for something, using weapons to stop wars, fighting the fight to stop hunger and poverty, not hating the poor and hungry, development of fast housing solutions not fighting the homeless,

Traditionally, U.S. presidents have used their farewell addresses to bolster this vision. Barack Obama said that America’s rivals will never “match our influence unless we give up what we stand for.” George W. Bush declared that “freeing people from oppression and despair is eternally right.” Bill Clinton said that if history has “taught us anything, it is that we achieve our aims by defending our values and leading the forces of freedom and peace.” Ronald Reagan brought his presidency to a close with a story about a Vietnamese refugee, peering up from his boat at his rescuers on a U.S. aircraft carrier and calling out: “Hello American sailor. Hello freedom man.”

But they are wrong. John F Kennedy knew that a strong American economy did for the world, if we fail who will save the world?

President Trump for all his misfumbled statements is about a stronger American economy and vision, and sadly Barack Obama, the Democrats and socialists like Bernie Sanders has Americans thinking if we think USA first that we hate everyone else.


The space program gave a global lift to countries like Japan, China,Russia, India and others who now have both thriving technology sectors based on what we invented, and because they make the items for this technology.

While going back to space may seem like a waste the innovation gained will create new technology, cooperation and opportunities for the world.

News Reporter