Puerto Rico’s Failed Mayor A CMU Grad

Cruz a socialist who does not want to be part of the United States and has socialist ideology has, in some ways, been a lifelong politician: class president in eighth grade; student council president in high school.

This week she took aim at Donald Trump for failing to meet her standards for free handouts and an unrealistic time table to deliver help when she did not ready her people or pre stage help, nor control her staff after the event, as police, medical and electric company staff still haven’t shown up for work.

Like many Puerto Ricans, she left the island to pursue opportunities on the mainland, earning a bachelor’s in political science at Boston University and a master’s in public management and policy at Carnegie Mellon.

She stayed on the mainland for many years, according to her official biography, and worked her way up to the position of human resources director at several companies, including Scotiabank and the U.S. Treasury Department in relatively low level positions of less than noteworthy accomplishment.

In a 2014 interview with a small New York newspaper, Cruz described the tug of war she and other Puerto Ricans often feel between the mainland and their home island.

When she returned to Puerto Rico as an advisor to a local mayor, and later ran for Mayor of Puerto Rico where she spent most of her time campaigning to keep Puerto Rico as a self government territory, rather than wanting to break part of the United States and to remain a territory.

Under Her leadership and the Islands Government the island could no longer meet bond payments and the Electric Co Operatives, which operate then as now in a criminally inept manor went bankrupt as well.

Also note worthy in her trips to the United States since winning office, Cruz has at times advocated for more independence.

She once went before Congress to ask that Puerto Rico — crippled by debt — be able to reorganize under bankruptcy laws, and thereafter enter into commercial agreements with other countries which were communist and socialist over the United States and this begs the question, why stomp on Donald Trump when she wanted so little to do with the United States before this disaster, the answer is Puerto Rico is broke and without hard currency to pay with, communist and broke socialist countries simply don’t want to help the failed island nation.

The truth be told in her own words, before congress;

“Puerto Rico has been denied these tools far too long,” Cruz said in 2015. “And as long as our options are defined by the powers of this Congress, we will always be at your mercy. The measure of our success will always be limited by the vastness of your control over our affairs.”

Frankly these words show what Hippocrates  her party and she is. Her words, not ours.

And like America, Donald Trump did come to her rescue, having to staff, equip and supply the nation, having to sail to the ports which were not yet operational, to ready destroyed airports, to clear roads to deliver goods, which took time and people in Puerto Rico that simply abandon jobs, there duties as civil servers and who just didn’t show up for work at the ports to deliver supplies.


And so I ask, How is this Donald Trumps fault she can’t run her city, nor can Puerto Rico run its country, and how is it Donald Trumps Fault the island got hit with strong back to back hurricane events.



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