It’s become clear in the USA that today’s youth want all the freedom and none of the work to keep it. We Stand Because They Died.

Not because some minority or lazy white Trash person thinks they are oppressed because they are to lazy to put forth the effort to move forward.

Want repression, try being a woman in the Middle East, try being North Korean, Try being Islamic in China, Catholic in the Syria.

Try matching in rainbow LGBT parades in Russia or the Middle East, you become the half time entertainment when the beat you or stone you to death.

That’s repression,

Bring to stupid to get into college isn’t repression.

Not getting hired because you can’t pass a piss test isn’t repression.

Not getting free Government money because you able bodied and can work isn’t repression.

Getting shot by police when you are told to drop your gun , grab for an officers weapon, try to run over an officer, that isn’t repression.

We have equal housing, equal rights, equal pay, equal rights opportunity in hiring and if you still can’t hack it we have affirmative action so you can move forward.

Don’t take a knee and say your supporting repressed people who are the richest damn poor people in the world when they are just to lazy to work hard and think they deserve everything hard working people have when you don’t work to get it.

Laziness and stupidity are not repression.

News Reporter