Rep Don Costa Announced Plans To Create An Overly Broad Law On Hate


It’s unacceptable that Pennsylvania’s hate crimes law does not protect mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity or someone’s actual or perceived ancestry said PA Rep. Don Costa as he attempts to push a possible new law that is so overly broad that it will end up being a court House cluster f$&k.

I’m committed to changing that, and this week I signaled my intention to introduce legislation that would provide those protections and expand the state hate crimes law beyond its current, inadequate limits.

The proposed legislation is similar to House Bill 505, which I also am co-sponsoring. H.B. 505, which awaits consideration before the House Judiciary Committee, says that a crime motivated by hatred toward someone’s sexual orientation, ancestry, gender or disability would be graded one degree higher than already specified in law he went on to say in a statement released by his office on Facebook.

Updating Pennsylvania’s statutes to protect our citizens from crimes of hate and bias is long overdue.

But what he misses is the gauntlet of existing Federal and state laws that cover this issue already, his version would for the worse allow anyone who ever thought they were slighted to use the law against everyone and anyone which is more of an abuse of law than a good thing.


One can only imagine he’s trying to scoop up votes in one big bucket.


Obviously his wig is on to tight,

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