Forest Trump Is A Damn Genius

The more I look at what President Trump just did with DAPA and DACA the more intelligent it appears.

The wall helps halt illicit drugs and illegal immigrants, and then you can Grant DACA legal amnesty.
As most don’t realize, DAPA was found unconstitutional by the 5th circuit court of appeals and killed.

What trump did was to push DACA out 6 months, so the court didn’t kill it also which is what will happen when these liberal Attorneys Generals sue him over it.

Now congress can both build a wall and also legalize DAPA And DACA.

When Reagan gave amnesty to illegals, I lived in Texas around 1985 or 86, but without a wall more illegals came in as fast as possible.

Those with amnesty got fired and employees who were illegal got hired yet again thus solving nothing so companies who didn’t get fined or punished could pay workers $4.00 a hour cash with no benefits once again.

They go hand in hand. But you liberals are so fixated on Trump bashing you failed to realize his move was actually a win win for everyone.

Now congress can make a legal law, Trump can sign it and if they throw in the wall funding, its not some unconstitutional decree, the kids and parents can stay, Trump gets his wall so his voters are happy, and we can help the ones that are here and start to, in an organizational manner open the gate legally and welcome Mexicans and others from south of our border.

Will the wall stop drugs… no.

Will it make Trump votes happy… yes.

Will it look like we did something … yes

Trump knows we need construction workers, fruit and produce pickers, maids and janitors as well as the one in ten high skilled worker we also get.

The high skilled workers are mostly from India. You never heard of Tijuana Polytechnic because it does not exist.

We need more people paying taxes to fund the growing entitlement bomb deficit we have.

We need illegals or lettuce will cost $8.00 a head and American workers still won’t pick it.

Trump just played us all with a kick them out mentality, he rallied the Red Neck old white fart nation to elect him and Obviously it worked.

So he kicks out criminals, which is good, scares everyone else, pushes back DACA and reworks DAPA and gets amnesty from congress for all and a wall in the process.

Damn genius forest gump

News Reporter